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Heimdall Power – New technology monitors high voltage lines

The Norwegian company Heimdall Power has developed the technology that allows the power grid to be utilized far better than today.

They are called Neurons and are connected directly to the power lines. With a number of sensors they can monitor temperature, vibration, build-up of ice, etc.

With real-time monitoring, the power lines can be utilised far better than they are today, which means a reduced need to build new lines. Also, potential errors are detected earlier and more accurately, so that actions can be taken before they cause a power outage.

Advanced design

The Neuron is designed to be connected directly to power lines – in operation. It is therefore designed as a two-piece so the operator, standing on the ground, can attach it to the power line and clamps it with special tools. In the future, the installation will be possible by drones.

When the Neuron is mounted to the power line, all sensors are connected with high precision. In addition, coils around the line form a low voltage that provides power for operation and communication. Mounted on the power line, the Neuron is thus self-sufficient, without the need for maintenance.

Production at Westcontrol

Westcontrol AS in Tau, close to Stavanger, manufactures electronics, makes final assembly and tests of the Neutrons for Heimdall Power. Westcontrol is one of Norway’s leaders in the development and production of electronics products.

The product requires mechanics with very high precision and finish. NewTracks is proud to be chosen as a supplier of mechanics for the Neutrons.

NewTracks makes industrial design and industrialization – all the way from idea to serial production. We work with a skilled factory in China with heart for precision and finish. With offices in Oslo and Shenzhen, NewTracks is the contact for superior production capacity.

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