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Documentation, Quality and Logistics

Every delivery is checked in China by NewTrack's employees before it can be sent, and is marked: QUALITY MADE IN CHINA

Many choose NewTracks because we have better prices, but customers often report that our products have a higher finish and better quality than they experience from other suppliers. In addition, we have a wide range of products that can cover the entire need for mechanics, and we can assemble these into sub-assembly or finished products.

Quality made in China Newtracks

In 2018, we established New Tracks China Co. Ltd in Shenzhen to deal with language, cultural differences and time differences, and ensure quality and follow-up of production.

NewTracks China is run by local employees in Shenzhen and is 100% owned by NewTracks AS.

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NewTracks quality controll
NewTracks kvalitetskontroll
All products are checked and documented before they are sent
Hardhetsmåling av støpte hjul
Hardhetsmåling av støpte hjul
Kontrollmåling med mikroskop
Control measurement with a microscope
Kontroll av gjenger med gjengetolk
Control of anodizing thickness
Kontroll av tykkelse på eloksering
NewTracks produktemballasje

Packaging is part of the product

Whether it is simple packaging for safe transport, or to provide "the unboxing experience", the packaging is an important part of the product.

Precision products ready for shipment
Presisjonsprodukter i emballasje NewTracks
Sikker emballasje NewTracks

We want to deliver the product in such good packaging from production in China, that the same packaging can be used further to the end customer, in order to save costs and the environment.

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