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Good design is not enough. The product must also be designed for efficient production!

Project Example:
Industrialisation of Tagomat for BB Computerteknikk AS
Tagomat design

The product, developed by BB Computerteknikk AS in Drammen, prints bag tags for aircraft luggage - faster and easier than any other product on the market!

The challenges were:

  • The product cost was too high

  • The end customers wanted a unique design. This was previously done by painting the product in the customer's colors.

  • When replacing tag rolls, the entire front cover had to be removed. The customer wanted a better solution.

  • The device was only designed for wall mounting. The customer also wanted a stand-alone solution.

Tagomat original design

NewTracks delivery:​
  • Redesign with 30% cost reduction

  • Hinged front for changing tag rolls

  • Unique customer designs by a front decal
    – faster, cost-effective and better logistics

  • Packaging design

  • Complete engineering drawings in all desired formats.

  • 3D model of the entire product to for future updates

NewTracks also delivered:
  • Prototypes for trade fair

  • Photorealistic images for pre-production marketing

  • Technical documentation for marketing

  • Design of various rack solutions for floor mounting, double wall mounting, etc.

Further design process included
  • Tender for production and quality assurance of the selected manufacturer

  • Development of mobile solution with four hours battery capacity and 4G communication.

Tagomat industrialisationl

Tagomat NewTrack's design

Tagomat presented at Passenger Terminal Expo, Amsterdam

Tagomat installed at CPH Kastrup airport

BBC Tagomat installed at CHP Kastrup lu
Photo rendering of Tagomater installed

Computer generated picture of Tagomats installation at Torp airport

Actual picture of Tagomats installed at Torp airport

Tagomater installed at Sandefjord Lufth
Tagomat technical drawing

Technical documentation for Tagomat

Tagomat packaging

NewTrack's design of Tagomat packaging
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