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Extruded aluminum

Machining - Anodizing

Ekstrudering har generelt lave verktøyskostnader og verktøy-prosessen går raskt.

Extrusion generally has low tool costs and the tool making process is fast.

Normally we make tooling in 5-6 weeks, and 5-6 weeks for the production of profiles.

Extruded profiles can be machined and hole patterns can be punched. Surface treatment is sandblasting or brushing, anodising, painting or power coating.

For electrically conductive surfaces, we use RoHS compatible Surtec 650.

Text and logo by silk screen printing or laser engraving.



Standard AL6063 T5

Other materials on request



CNC machining / Punching

Sand blasting / Brushing



Anodising / Surtek 650

Powder coating / Wet painting

Silk screen printing / laser engraving 

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