With a solid network in Shenzhen, we deliver quality products in small and large series sizes.

Our office in Shenzhen monitors all production and quality assures the goods before shipment.

Customers choose us due to fast delivery, good prices and close follow-up all the way from order to delivery.

Product examples

In 2018, we established the subsidiary New Tracks China Co. Ltd, 100% owned by NewTracks AS, to bridge the gap in language, cultural differences and time zones.

New Tracks China is run by local employees in Shenzhen and is 100% owned by New Tracks AS.

Curious about what it's like to do business in China?

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Extrusion - machining - casting - cold forming - turning - sheet metal work - welding



Sandblasting - Hairline finish - Anodising
Surtec 650 (ROHS compliant passivation)



Silk Screen printing - Laser Engraving - Powder Coating