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NewTrack's China office

NewTracks was initiated in 2015, primarily focused on product design, an area with a lifetime of experience. However, after designing the initial products, there was a challenge in finding a manufacturer who could deliver the desired finish and precision. Consequently, factories in China, known since 2004, were contacted*.

In 2018, New Tracks China Co. Ltd. was established, and an engineer was hired in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is an area with a vast industrial diversity. Everything can be produced here! However, to ensure quality, it is necessary to have dedicated employees to quality check every single shipment from there.

*) In 2001 Julius Especial started Frontec AS and worked with production in Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Frontec AS was sold to Bredengen AS in 2008.

In 2022, there is a fantastic team in Shenzhen with three employees responsible for documentation, quality, and logistics. Today, product design only accounts for 10% of the revenue, while 90% is the delivery of precision components. The goal for NewTracks is to contribute to the realization of Norwegian product ideas and strengthen the Norwegian industry with competitive components and products.


In 2023, the goal is to improve in responding to customers quickly, offer good logistics solutions, and, of course, continue to deliver quality, precision, and finish at the right price. On the following pages, some of the projects delivered in 2022 are showcased.

Julius Espedal
Reeds. Eng. machine, production and product design at NTH 1991 Founder and manager of NewTracks AS and New Tracks China Co. Ltd.

NewTrack's team

Our team

Julius Espedal NewTracks

Julius Espedal, M.Sc

Founder / CEO

Oslo office

Jalor Yang NewTracks

Jalor Yang B.Sc

Quality Manager

Shenzhen office

Julia Torgersen NewTracks

Julia Torgersen, M.Sc

Executive Assistant

Oslo office

Sunny Chen NewTracks

Sunny Chen AAS

Office Manager

Shenzhen office

Kevin Liu NewTracks

Kevin Liu, B.Sc

Mechanical Project Manager

Shenzhen office

Ven Zhang NewTracks

Ven Zhang

Quality Specialist

Shenzhen office

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