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Good design - Prepared for efficient production - Fast projects

Our goal is to make our customers more competitive through good product design and efficient production.

Founder, Julius Espedal (M.Sc.), visited factories in China for the first time in 2004 and has since built experience and a wide network of skilled Chinese manufacturers, especially focusing on precision components and electromechanics.

​In 2018, we established a subsidiary in Shenzhen, New Tracks China Co. Ltd. The office is headed by mechanical engineer Kevin Liu. Having an engineer on site, who knows the local culture and has Chinese as a mother tongue, is absolutely crucial for the good communication we have with the factories.

Most of our manufacturers are located in the Shenzhen area, so it is easy for our employees to visit factories for quality assurance or to discuss solutions for product development.

Julius and Kevin NewTracks

A good team! Julius Espedal and Kevin Liu outside the NewTracks office in Shenzhen, January 2018.

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