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Code of Conduct

1. Protection of the environment

NewTracks AS recognizes its environmental responsibility and aims to minimize the environmental impact of production, transport and our other activities. Our partners must comply with environmental regulations, save resources and participate actively in recycling and waste reduction. 

2. No child labor or forced labor


NewTracks AS strictly prohibits the use of barsbonded labor and forced labor in its operations in China. Employees and subcontractors must not employ people under the legal working age or participate in any form of forced or involuntary work. NewTracks AS follows both Chinese and Norwegian rules on child labor and forced labour, promotes transparency in supply chain practices and works actively to prevent such practices.

3. Occupational health and safety


NewTracks AS prioritizes health and safety for its employees and subcontractors in China and Norway. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with relevant Chinese health and safety regulations. Employees are expected to follow safety protocols, use provided personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed, and report any hazards or incidents immediately. 

4. Gender equality - no discrimination


NewTracks AS maintains fair employment practices and promotes equal opportunities for all employees and subcontractors in China. Discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability or other protected characteristics is strictly prohibited. Employment decisions, such as hiring, promotion and termination, should be based on merit, qualifications and abilities.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations


NewTracks AS is committed to conducting its manufacturing operations in China in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including Chinese labor, health and safety, environmental and trade regulations. In addition, as a Norwegian company, NewTracks AS recognizes the importance of complying with the Norwegian Public Information Act (Openness Act) when it comes to information handling and publication practices.

6. Fair remuneration and decent working hours


NewTracks AS respects the rights of employees in China to fair wages, reasonable working hours and appropriate benefits in accordance with Chinese labor laws and regulations. Overtime work should be voluntary, and employees should receive fair compensation for any extra working hours. 

7. Ethical business behavior


NewTracks AS maintains ethical behavior and expects employees to act with integrity and honesty. Bribery, corruption and any other form of unethical behavior is strictly prohibited. Employees should comply with both Chinese and Norwegian regulations regarding ethical conduct, ensuring transparency and correct disclosure of information when necessary.

8. Confidentiality, intellectual property and freedom of information


Employees and subcontractors are required to maintain the confidentiality of NewTracks' AS proprietary information and protect its intellectual property rights. In addition, NewTracks AS recognizes the importance of following the principles of the Public Information Act when it comes to information handling, public access to information, reporting and handling of sensitive information.


9. Conflict of interest


Employees and subcontractors should avoid situations that could create a conflict of interest between their personal interests and NewTracks AS. If a conflict arises, employees should immediately disclose it and take appropriate action to resolve or mitigate the conflict. NewTracks AS complies with the Norwegian Public Information Act when it comes to handling potential conflicts of interest, especially in public procurement processes, to ensure transparency and fairness.


10. Reporting of breach


NewTracks AS encourages employees and subcontractors to report any violations of these ethical guidelines, including concerns related to compliance with Chinese regulations or the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act.

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