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Our super team in China visiting Norway!

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming colleagues from the NewTracks office in Shenzhen to Norway. Here is a small introduction of some of our star players:

Jalor Yang, Sunny Chen and Kevin Liu at the Asker-office of NewTracks

Jalor Yang, B.Sc Our dedicated Quality Manager audits the factories with a focus on good working conditions, and ensures that all suppliers meet HSE requirements. He also personally inspects and quality-assures each production batch to ensure that the products are of the right quality before they are sent to Norway.

Sunny Chen, A.A.S Our dedicated office manager, who handles all logistics regarding orders, shipping, customs and documentation. She is also a super skilled project manager who keeps things on track and ensures fast progress.

Kevin Liu, B.Sc Our innovative project manager and engineer. Kevin is a driven designer who ensures that new products go seamlessly into production. Kevin is good at finding new solutions, so when we get a challenge from a customer, we like to say: "Let's leave this to Kevin, he will find a good solution." New Tracks China Co. Ltd was established in Shenzhen in 2018 to handle language, cultural differences and time difference, but most importantly: ensure quality and follow-up of production. Here you will find contact information for all our employees


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