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Aluminum Patrol Bolsters for Goldfish Boat

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Goldfish Boat AS in Son, 30 min south of Oslo, designs and manufactures some of the most powerful boats you can imagine.

We are talking about boats with a top speed of 81 knots (150 km/h !), and with focus on quality and functionality in every detail.

Goldfsh 38 SuperSport

  • Construction: Fiberglass/Carbon

  • Length Overall: 11.81 m

  • Draft to props 1.10 m

  • Displacement (min): 3600 kg

  • Max speed range: 62-81 kts

  • Passangers: 10

  • Classification: B-Offshore, RIB type X

  • Designer: Pål Sollie

The 38 SuperSport is built to be driven hard. With a capability to maintain planning speed in Sea State 4, with waves up to 2m, Goldfish ensures “The only thing a windy forecast will do is put a smile on your face!”

Owners can chose between three seating configurations, optimising the boat for their individual user preferences: the option of four Patrol Bolsters is tailored for active driving; the Comfort Seat includes water, a sink, fridge and sofa for your convenience; while the Ullman Shock Mitigating Seats are made for endurance driving.

NewTracks is proud supplier of the Patrol Bolster. See video from the manufacturing:

With a good network in China and our office in Shenzhen, NewTracks supports high quality products and make our customers more competitive. See examples of other special designed aluminum parts we supply.

On Goldfish web site, you can build the boat according to your dreams. See for more details.


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