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Strong growth for Norwegian start-up

The Trondheim company Assitech has developed the stair assistant Assistep - a walker for stairs that provides support to those who need more than a regular handrail. Assistep is a good alternative to stair lifts, because it provides greater movement for users and less intervention to the building.

Assistep works as a safe walker in stairs. Photo: Assitech

Product development with a focus on design and safety

The product started as a student project in 2012, but when the entrepreneurs saw the commercial potential, they quickly established the company to turn the idea into business.

The product was industrialized and has undergone all necessary certifications. Since its inception in 2014, the company has worked actively with marketing and growth, and is now established in 15 countries..

The main components of the Assistep product. Photo: Assitech

Acquisitions with the opportunity for faster growth

In August 2021, Assitech was acquired by Topro Industri AS in Gjøvik, which is a large manufacturer of walkers. Topro exports to all over the world and has offices in 14 countries, and will contribute with resources on marketing and further product development to Assitech.

Halvor Wold, CEO Assitech og Asbjørn Eskild, CEO Topro hilser
Halvor Wold, CEO Assitech and Asbjørn Eskild, CEO Topro with corona-friendly handshake when signing agreement. Photo: Assitech

Streamlining with NewTracks

NewTracks has worked with Assitech for several years to help reduce the cost of mechanical components. Recently, a tool for cast aluminum was completed. Combination of both higher quality and lower price, in addition to good technical solutions, is the reason why Assitech has chosen to work with NewTracks.

Assistep railing cast aluminum by NewTracks
Casted components, before powder coating
NewTracks packaging designed for Assitech

NewTracks works with product development and production of mechanical components.

With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we are your best link to quality production in China.


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