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Die Casting Aluminum

Die casting aluminum offers fantastic opportunities and can provide great cost savings. The tool cost is not high, and with low unit costs, the investment in tools is quickly profitable.

komponent støpt i aluminium
Example of die casted aluminum component

The picture shows a component with powder coated after casting. There are many different types of surface treatment, e.g. chrome plating, Surtek 650, wet varnish, etc.

Cast aluminum is not suitable for anodizing.

Components straight from casting

The inlets and dividing lines of the tool must be polished after casting, to make the components ready for further processing. The casting itself has a tolerance of ± 0.2 mm. For details, threads etc., we CNC machine the components after casting.

The finished products are packaged according to the customer's requirements. For these products, the customer wanted a 6 pcs package, so we made a special packaging.

Special packaging for the product

NewTracks has its own office in Shenzhen and cooperates with many factories with different production processes. At an early phase of a product, we can start off by CNC machining the components, with no tool costs. As the volume increases, we can move the product to die casting to reduce costs. We follow the customers all the way from start-up to volume production.

We ensure the quality of all production and provide documentation in accordance with customer needs.

It is important to be aware that the casting process can give some pores inside the material, and these pores can become visible during machining.

Aluminum is a material that can be remelted many times and the energy requirement for recycling low compared to many other materials.

See video from production:


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