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Aluminum profiles from China gives advantages

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

“Shorter lead time, higher quality and better price!” – This is how one of our customers in Trondheim describes aluminum profiles from NewTracks.

The machined, sand blasted and anodised profile, with silk screen printing, was previously manufactured in Scandinavia – with quite long lead time. NewTracks delivers the same profile, included silk screen printing, in 5 weeks – DDP, at the customers doorstep.

Since the previous supplier was unable to do silk screen printing, the printing had to be done by a separate supplier. This gave extra work for the customer, increased the lead time, and when quality problems arose, the responsibility was unclear.

NewTracks delivers the product complete with printing, and takes full responsibility for the quality.

With manufacturing in China, NewTracks normally offer 20-30% lower price than our competitors.

In addition to ISO9001 QA by the

factory, each delivery is controlled

by NewTrack personnel


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