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Industrialisation with 30% Cost Reduction

The Tagomat by BB Computerteknikk AS in Drammen prints your luggage tag in 10 seconds.

When other tag printers in the airport requires you to answer a number of questions before printing your luggage tag, BB Computerteknikk developed the Tagomat that will print your tag immediately – since all these questions have already been made when you booked your flight ticket.

In average each passenger spends 52 seconds to print one tag, the Tagomat will do the same job in 10 seconds! Why spend more?

After the initial design, Newtracks was engaged for industrialisation; To reduce cost, improve the design and ease the operation for service.

  • Customisation of the design by use of front decal (Easy to adopt the design to airport requirement at minimal cost)

  • Hinged front for easy replacement of paper rolls

  • Optimization for manufacturing. Cost savings: 30%

  • Design accessories for wall mount, floor mount and mobile installation (battery operated)

The project included rapid prototyping for the FTE exhibition, photo realistic renderings for marketing, complete set of engineering drawings and evaluation of various manufacturers.

BB Computerteknikk at Future Terminal Expo in Amsterdam. All prototypes in the stand are made by NewTracks

The Tagomat is currently installed at Heathrow, Copenhagen, Belgrade, Torp +++

For more information see BB Computerteknikk website

NewTracks made the whole process of product development, from design, prototyping and industrialisation.

With our office in Asker, Norway and Shenzhen, China, we are a quality assuring link to efficient manufacturing in China.

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