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Chinese New Year 2024

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Dear customers, we remind you of Chinese New Year, which is important to include in your planning. In connection with the New Year's celebration, all production in China stops and is closed 5th - 24th February 2024.

Every year between January and February, the world's largest migration takes place, when hundreds of millions of Chinese cross the country to reunite with their families.

Chinese joint holiday

While we in the West mark the turn of the year with magnificent celebrations in one evening, the Chinese spread the celebration over a whole 15 days. Most factories in China are closed for 3-4 weeks in connection with the New Year festivities. This is largely comparable to our summer holiday. Therefore, between February 5th and 24th deliveries from China cannot be expected.

Planning for Chinese New Year is important

Everyone who trades with China is excited by the Chinese New Year and the weeks before the factories close are extra busy in the production and transport of goods from China. NewTracks therefore begins early in the autumn to plan production up until February, so that customers will not be negatively affected by the joint holiday in China.

What is Chinese New Year?

Known as the Spring Festival, this event marks the transition from winter to spring. Here in Norway, we are familiar with spring rolls, which are a popular dish served during these festivities.

Kinesisk nyttår feiring
Kinesisk nyttår feiring

2024 is the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese calendar consists of cycles of 12 years, with each year associated with a particular animal. The dragon is especially considered a symbol of power, luck and abundance. According to legend, the Year of the Dragon brings dynamic energy and opportunities for growth. Many businesses in China use this year to initiate large projects, hoping that the divine energy from the dragon will bring them progress and prosperity.

Production in China

Since 2018, NewTracks has had a permanent presence in Shenzhen with an office staffed by local staff. This has strengthened our ability to ensure quality, improve communication and streamline logistics. After several years of in-depth knowledge of Chinese industry, language and local culture, we position ourselves as a reliable partner for companies seeking first-class manufacturing in China

Fun fact about the Year of the Dragon

In China (as well as in some other East Asian countries) there is a cultural belief that children born in the Year of the Dragon will be particularly lucky, strong and virtuous. The dragon is one of the most revered symbols in Chinese culture. As a result, many couples try to time pregnancy so that their children are born in a Year of the Dragon. Decisions about marriage, house purchases and other important life events can also be added to the Year of the Dragon for the same reason.

It should be said that not all Chinese follow this tradition, and many young Chinese believe this is an old superstition belonging to older generations. Nevertheless, you can see from the statistics that the school classes are larger for children born in the Year of the Dragon.

NewTracks works with product development and production in China< /em> – mainly of mechanics for the electronics industry. With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we are your best contact for quality production in China


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