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Flytaxien has great success with new Taxi machines at Gardermoen

In June 2023, Flytaxien installed six taxi machines at Oslo Airport to establish a free and functioning taxi market at the airport. This has already been a success and both customers and the taxi industry are proud of the solution.

Two of the machines are well placed on the way out of the terminal building

Free competition led to creative taxi prices

The introduction of free competition for the taxi industry in November 2020 led to "creative" pricing from some taxi drivers. Often the price for the taxi journey was much higher than what the traveler had expected and several customers believed that they had been defrauded. The aim of the new machines and the service was to improve the customer experience for travelers from Oslo Airport.

Avinor has registered a clear improvement in the customer experience and prices have become more competitive. In addition, there is no longer a queue of taxis outside the terminal at Oslo Airport, which has improved air quality and general well-being.

Specially designed machine for booking a taxi

With Taxikiosken, this problem is completely solved. The new taxi machines enable a completely digital solution, where travelers themselves can choose between taxi companies and criteria for cars, and get a price for the journey in advance. The order is made via digital screens, and then the taxi pulls up in front of the terminal. The taxi now waits at a taxi depot a little way from the terminal, where the taxi drivers have a cafe and lounge and can wait there instead of in the car as they had to before.

The taxi kiosks are designed and decorated according to Avinor's requirements

Solid cabinet with 32'' touch screen for outdoor installation

Flytaxien AS has developed the software for the taxi kiosk product, while NewTracks developed and manufactured the machines themselves.

NewTracks has produced robust taxi kiosks in powder-coated aluminum designed to stand outdoors. Cabs have 32 inch touch screens and illuminated "Taxi" signs. Compared to the previous supplier of the Taxi vending machine, Flytaxien has achieved a significant cost saving by choosing NewTracks.

The NewTracks team was very solution-oriented and service-minded during the entire development process", says project manager at Flytaxien Henrik Holter. "We found that NewTracks were quality conscious and solved our input well.

From start-up to commercial operation in a short time

NewTracks has been responsible for the design and production of the machines

Rubynor is a company that helps Start-Ups realize their ideas. They have a long list of exciting and successful projects related to, among other things, power management, solar energy, tools for conducting political meetings in municipalities and counties, as well as systems for collecting environmental remediation data.

One of Rubynor's projects was where they developed a Taxi Management System and a marketplace that connects travelers and taxi together at junctions with many travelers.


NewTracks works with product development and production of mechanical components.

With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we are your best link to quality production in China.

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