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Designing Plug-and-Play solution for PLC

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

By replacing traditional cabling by standard RJ45 cables, BS Teknikk AS in Oslo managed to reduce installation time from hours to 30 minutes. And, incorrect connections are no longer an issue.

BS Teknikk AS in Oslo delivers building automation system based on PLC. The systems has a number of sensors, and will control motors, pumps, fans, damper actuators, light etc. Such system requires kilometers of cables and connections.

ClimaConnect by BS Teknikk AS

To speed up engineering and installation, the BS Teknikk and NewTracks developed ClimaConnect, a system that enables all units to be connected by standard RJ45 cables (network cables for computers). Instead of cutting and connecting each cable by electricians, 8 cables are connected with one simple click. Fast and secure. And, the electrician is only needed for the power cables.

NewTracks made all hardware design for the system:

  • Wiring diagram

  • PCB design

  • Wiring cabinets

  • Sheet metal cabinet design

  • All engineering drawings for manufacturing

With office in Asker and Shenzhen, NewTracks does Product Development fast and efficient, in close connection with our customers. We also manufacture high quality prototypes with short lead time in China.


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