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Why is the Packaging an Important Part of the Product?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Packaging is much more than just protecting the product during transportation! The pleasure of unpacking your product is an important part of the customer’s total experience.

The big brands have realised that this is an important part of the product experience. “Unboxking experience” has become a term and on YouTube people share their first moments with new products.

(the video shows some clip)

This applies to professional products as much as consumer products. And this applies to prototypes as much as products in serial production. In the development phase, we therefore often also see the packaging.

Laser cut, and digital printed packaging prototype. Inner foam is machined EVA
Laser cut, and digital printed packaging prototype. Inner foam is machined EVA

When we worked with the development of the Tagomat for BB Computerteknikk, we saw that the first samples were packed in simple bubble wrap for the first customer meetings. This gave the impression of a premature product, and the focus in the meetings became whether the product worked and if it would go into serial production. (It was working, and it was ready!)

Immediately we started a small series of packaging with logo and printing. The product looked like it was in serial production, and the focus in the meetings changed to the functionality of the product and how it would benefit the customer.

Tagomat in serial productjon
Tagomat in serial productjon

Mechanics kit

Several of our customers are focused on electronics, and we supply complete kits with all the mechanics of the products, including the packaging. Thus, purchasing and assembly is easier because all mechanical components are in the packaging:

Open the box – mount PCB – back into the same box – finished product!

This also gives an environmental benefit, since the same packaging is used throughout the whole process from factory to customer.


NewTracks works with product development and industrialization. We also provide manufacturing of mechanics in China. With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we ensure the good communication, quality and logistics to efficient manufacturing.


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