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Amazing technology with huge potential

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Nofence AS uses GPS and mobile technology to create a digital fence for animals. NewTracks is proud suppler of mechanical components.

The company, located in Batnfjordsøra, between Molde and Trondheim, has developed unique software and a solar powered GPS collar that creates digital fence for animals.

When the animal reaches the digital fence, a beeping sound is played in their collar, telling them to take a different direction. If the sound is ignored, a weak but effective electric chock in their collar will follow.

The fascinating about this technology is how fast the animals adapt to it. Within a couple of days, they have learned that the beeping sound means “turn around”. Later, when they have babies they will train them the meaning of this sound. The next generation will turn around immediately and never have to get any electric chock at all.

NewTracks is proud to supply mechanical components to Nofence. This product contains several custom-made and custom components. With a large network of factories, we help to make Nofence more competitive.

NewTracks participates in product development and delivers prototypes fast. With our own employees in China and a good network of manufacturers, we are the quality link between European customers and production in Asia!


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