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Development and production of Nordic kit for Tesla Model 3

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

For Funderud Antirust AS, NewTracks has developed components for the Tesla Model 3, which protects the cars better against rust from snow, sand and salt.

Nordic Kit for Tesla Model 3 is developed and is being produced by NewTracks, but we do not sell the products. To buy the Nordic Kit, contact Funderud Antirust. To realise your product-idea, contact NewTracks.

Product development for mass production

Unlike the Tesla Model S, which is mainly manufactured in aluminum, the Tesla Model 3 is manufactured mainly of steel and is thereby more efficient in production. Since electric cars have far fewer wear parts than a fossil-powered car, the life span will normally be much longer – and thus the second hand value higher – than that of a traditional car. In early days of electric cars, it was assumed they would lose value because of the life span batteries, but it turns out that the batteries last much longer than previously thought. The important for the value loss of an electric car will be the bodywork, not the engine or the driveline as in a car with a fossil engine.

Tesla life span well beyond the rust warranty

Although Tesla provides a rust warranty on the cars, the life of a Tesla should be much longer than the warranty the car manufacturer provides. With aluminium used in both Model S and Model X, rust should not be a problem. For Model 3, Tesla gives a limited rust warranty, against body breakthroughs (holes that occur from the inside out) as a result of material or production defects, regardless of mileage.

Prepare Model 3 for Nordic conditions

Tesla is not primarily developed for Nordic conditions where snow and salt is a challenge for all cars. When Tesla Model 3 was introduced in the Norwegian market, Funderud Antirust AS took the challenge of developing a solution to make the car more resistant to the corrosive nordic climate. The solution will give a significantly better protection of the most exposed body parts.

Product development with NewTracks

Funderud Antirust contacted NewTracks to convert the idea into a mass produced solution. Our first simple models were made from cardboard, which we then used to create 3D models on the computer. Finally, we 3D printed all the components in a material similar material to the final material, HDPE, so we could test.

Nordic Kit for Tesla Model 3

After some of optimisation, the Nordic Kit was complete with a total of 10 HDPE plastic components, precisely adapted to the shape of the Tesla Model 3 and optimised to protect the areas most exposed to corrosion. Existing fixing points on wheelhouse are used to fasten the Nordic Kit. Symbols for placement were included in the forming tools so that assembly can be done easily and without the risk of failure.

NewTracks founder checking at production startup
Nordic Kit components by vacuum forming HDPE

Development of special packaging

In parallel with the development of the product, NewTracks designed a cardboard box for the kit. The cardboard box was printed with description and logo, according to design by Funderud Antirust.

Custom design packaging for Nordic Kit to Tesla Model 3

Serial production by NewTracks

The panels were produced by vacuum forming HDPE. This is a cost-effective process with low tooling costs, especially in China where NewTracks does all the production. NewTracks also packed the kits in the specially designed box and arranged the shipment to the customer.


NewTracks works with product development and manufacturing of hardware – mainly for electronics industry. With offices in Oslo and Shenzhen, we are your best link to manufacturing in China



Do tesla approve this solution and reattach parts when dismantel in service of car. Even the Fluidfilm approvement official? Loss of garantees?

Newtracks AS
Newtracks AS

Hi Roy, NewTracks has developed and produce the Nordic kit for Funderud Antirust. Please contact for more information and to order the products.

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