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Geofence for Cattle – Advanced Electromechanics

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Geofence for cattle means tightly packed technology and specially designed electromechanics with high requirements

Photo: Nofence AS

The world’s first solution for digital fencing

Nofence AS develops virtual fences for livestock, and launched this year a solution for cattle. Now physical fences are no longer needed, as the fencing for the animals is simply drawn on your mobile app!

The former cow bell / collar has been replaced by solar-powered electronics, coordinated with a cloud-based virtual fence. When the cow approaches the fence, an audible signal alerts and the animal chooses a different direction. The animals have learned that if they pass this warning sound, there will be an unpleasant shock in the collar.

With a GPS-based virtual fence, the herd can be easily moved to new grazing areas and the cost of traditional fences is eliminated. In addition, the farmer has better control as the position of each animal is shown on the digital map.

Challenging environment for advanced electronics

The collar operates in a humid and corrosive environment, and is exposed to high vibrations and physical stress. The product has a solar panel on both sides, but the product is designed to withstand the stresses, even from a cow weighing 500 kg. Nofence has engaged Eggs Design AS for the product design.

Industrialization for volume production

NewTracks was chosen as the supplier of several components both for prototypes and serial production. Working close with both Nofence and Eggs design, we have been an advice for optimising the components for effective production in high volume.

NewTracks support inventors by bringing technology from idea to product, and further to competitive production. With our office in Shenzhen and a good network of quality-focused, cost-efficient manufacturers, we solve various technical challenges.

Read about the sheep collar from Nofence: Amazing technology with huge potential

The cattle collar, which was launched in early 2020, has already sold over 5,000 units, and sold to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Germany, in addition to Norway.

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