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New Cruiser to be launched by Goldfish Boat

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This summer, Goldfish Boat launches a new cruiser, Goldfish 40 Ocean. NewTracks is proud to contribute to design and manufacturing of important components.

Goldfish Boat AS in Son, 30 min south of Oslo, designs and manufactures some of the most vehement boats you can imagine. During the summer of 2019 a completely new model will be launched.

So far, Goldfish has revealed only a few sketches of 40 Ocean, but it is clear that this is something out of the ordinary, at the same time based on the best of the qualities Goldfish is so well-known for.

A 40-foot Goldfish cruiser with 70 knots top speed is something most people will dream of. Continue your dream at

Specifications for the new Goldfish 40 Ocean
Images from

NewTracks is already supplying the Patrol bolsters that are used on many of Goldfish boat models. Read more.


NewTracks makes industrial design and industrialization – all the way from idea to serial production. We work with a skilled factory in China with heart for precision and finish. With offices in Oslo and Shenzhen, NewTracks is the contact for superior production capacity.


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