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Rapid product development gives better profitability

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Product development projects carried out fast, provide the best results.

This may contradict with a general perception that a longer process will mature the innovation and give a better result. The thing is, the idea is often well-matured when you decide to realizing it.

When you start, speed is important. Naturally, you want to get the product on the market fast, but more importantly it is to keep on creativity and take decisions in your team. If you wait for everyones opionion, it may take a while. However, if you make the first prototype – based on the information you have – you are on the go. You have a product to discuss around, and perhaps discuss with some customers.

There is a point in every development project that we start to doubt. Will it be profitable? Will it work? Will the customers buy it? etc. With good speed in your project, this critical point is easier to overcome. The product you have in an early phase might not be perfect, but it is a milestone, something for testing, and maybe to show your customers.

All developmers should of course aim for the perfect product, but also accept it when we face reality. Remember, it is usually not the perfect product that provides the best profitability.

“We are perfect but the world is not!” – Cezinando

NewTracks can help you speed up your project from technical solutions, product design, engineering and industrialisation. We make machined prototypes within 2-3 weeks, including surface treatment. These prototypes has the strength, weight and finish as a serial produced product. We of course use 3D printing where that is the best method.

Project example – Table Top display for BRIDGE Technology. Design and engineering by NewTracks. Prototypes: Machined aluminum with brushed surface. Gray anodizing. Prototypes delivered in 15 days and presented at exhibition.


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