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Product design presented at The Bridge Show!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

When the corona stopped all travel business, Bridge Technologies built its own TV studio to reach their customers through their weekly broadcast – THE BRIDGE SHOW.

When the product PoE + Aluminum rack kit was to be launched, they invited Julius Espedal – who has been responsible for the design of this product and a number of other products for Bridge Technologies.

Julius Espedal (NewTracks founder) in «the red chair» at The Bridge Show

See a short clip from the show here 🎥

or see the whole Bridge Show

Product development from idea to finished product

The new series of Bridge Technologies products is designed to provide a common identity for the whole product range. All products have a brushed aluminum finish, chamfered edges and anodised with "titanium" color.

What made the product development a bit challenging was to adapt to the Apple iPad Pro. During the design phase, Apple launched a new generation of iPad Pro, and we had to quickly adapt to this new design. Another challenge was to attach the iPad without blocking any of the buttons. The solution was a mounting bracket that perfectly fits into two of the speaker holes on each side. These brackets are made with air channels for the speakers so that the sound is channeled through the mounting bracket and reflected forward. This has worked surprisingly well, both in terms of sound, design and mechanical strength.

Mounting brackets for the iPad Pro have sound-channels to reflect the sound forward

Development of special USB-C cable

A bigger challenge was to hide the connector that provides power supply and network connection. The Bridge Technolgies application, running on iPad Pro, requires wired high-speed network. We therefore developed a new USB-C cable that can transfer both power and high-speed data, in such a minimal format that it is hidden inside the mounting bracket.

Special design USB-C cable for high-speed data and fast-charging iPad Pro – NewTrack’s design and production.

Bridge Technologies electronics connects both power and high-speed data over the same network cable. To ensure full redundancy, the product can be connected to two separate networks with power supply.

Redundancy with double Neutrik network connectors and PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Launch of PoE + Aluminum Tabletop Kit

The PoE + Aluminum Tabletop Kit was launched the week before. Watch the launch of The Bridge Show here :

Product packaging that highlights the product

Product packaging is important! In developing new products for Bridge Technologies, NewTracks has also developed packaging that is product worthy. Read more about this here (in Norwegian only):


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