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Electromechanics and SMD components

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We supply small mechanical components, usually packaged on reel for automatic circuit board assembly. These can be pogo pins, EMC shielding boxes, connectors, nuts etc.

SMD components

Pogo pins for SMD mounting, ie soldered directly to the PCB, are packaged on reel for use in automatic pick & place machines.

Other components for surface mounting are shielding boxes and connectors.

For printed circuit boards that require threads with electrical connection, we supply SMD nuts on a reel. Since pick & place machines pick the components with vacuum, a temporary plastic cap is required for the machine to pick the nut. This microscopic plastic film is applied to the nut before being wrapped on reel. SMD nuts are delivered tinned or gold plated according to customer needs.

Pogo pins

Pogo pins are spring contacts, which are often used as they are more durable than regular contacts. The spring inside the connector provides flexibility and stable contact pressure throughout the stroke. We supply standard pogo pins, or custom designed pogo pins where design, spring force, surface treatment, etc. customized to customer needs.

From factory delivery

We deliver products directly from manufacturer. This means much lower prices than purchasing through distributors, but we do not have products in stock and offers less flexibility. Thus, we are an alternative to Elfa Distrelectric, Farnell, RS Components and Digi-Key for customers purchasing for serial production


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